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After working for more than twenty years as an employment attorney representing and defending companies, Attorney Andrew Golden established Golden Law LLC in 2018 specifically to represent and protect individuals. Due to his unique "insider" experience as corporate defense counsel, Andrew knows how companies evaluate litigation risks, manage and staff legal actions, and approach negotiations, settlements and trials. He understands companies' strengths and weaknesses, and where their legal vulnerabilities lie. Andrew will use this insight to protect and enforce your rights as an individual employee, to advise you on all legal options and strategies, and to help you make the best decisions regarding your particular employment situation.

Andrew also brings unique counseling skills to his law practice. Prior to law school, Andrew formally trained and worked as a mental health counselor, where he learned the values of active listening, emotional awareness, and empathy. He continues today to draw on these unique skills as an employment attorney representing individuals. Specifically, Andrew understands and appreciates the personal, difficult and emotionally taxing nature of bringing legal action against an employer—let alone being a victim of unlawful conduct—and will use his foundational counseling skills in concert with his employment law expertise to truly "counsel" you through the legal process. In this way, Andrew will patiently guide and fiercely represent you, from your initial consultation with him to the ultimate conclusion of your action, through confidential counseling, negotiations, and when necessary, litigation.

Andrew firmly believes that most legal actions involving employment laws can be boiled down to a single basic question: Were you, the employee, treated fairly? In practice, of course, answering this question is anything but simple and invariably involves a multitude of factual nuances and different people’s perspectives. But basic fairness, and all it incorporates, remains the fundamental key to employment law. If you believe you were treated unfairly at work, contact Andrew and let him put his vast experience, legal expertise, and distinctive counseling skills to work on your behalf. See how "fairness at work" can work for you.

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